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Modular provides digital content production at freelance costs for non-profit organizaitons including Economic Development Organizations. We provide video, audio, content, copy writing, technical, information design, crm implementation, cms integrate, website management and all things digital.
Adaptive Digital Content Production - Web Design, SEO, SEM, Digital Production, Digital Video Production, Podcast Production, Non-Profit Marketing, Non-profit Digital, Content Production, Display Media, Online Advertising, PR, Economic Development, EDO, NGO
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With adaptive production capabilities, Modular Workshop offers a wide variety of services across four major categories. From basic print production to complex digital strategy, our responsive approach to creating content lets us make anything you need exactly how you need it.

  • Website Design & Development

  • Want a website? You got it. Want it tailored for your specific needs? That’s what development is for. Need design that visually separates you from your competition? We’ll design the site for you, too.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

  • It’s estimated there are over 3.5 billion searches done per day. How do you make sure consumers find you? Search Engine Marketing. By strategically placing your brand in optimal search areas, you can make sure you’re finding the right consumers for your brand.
  • CRM Integration

  • You want to manage relationships, not a database. Modular Workshop can integrate your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms to ensure you retain existing consumers and earn new clients.
  • Managed Hosting

  • It’s one thing to have someone host your site. It’s another to have someone manage it. From security updates to timely backups, our managed hosting services give you the peace of mind to let your site breathe free and do what it does best.
  • Translation

  • Does your digital and website content need to cater to consumers in other languages? Modular Workshop has a team of specialists who interpret language to communicate coherently to non-English speakers so nothing is lost in translation.
  • Display Media

  • Let Modular Workshop create display media, either with compelling imagery, advanced functionalities, and HTML5 animation. We’ll find the best solutions for your display media.
  • Digital Strategy

  • You wouldn’t head into a military skirmish without understanding your strategy of attack. So why would you create digital and not have any strategy behind it? Let us help you create digital strategy that puts your platform on sturdy ground.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • From ensuring your website has the right terms for organic results, to creating content that links back to your primary services and products, let us help you create a web of search that all links together so your web is better at grabbing consumer’s attention.
  • CMS Development

  • It’s not enough to build a website and call it good. Today you need a strong Content Management System to ensure you can quickly update your site. Let us help you develop a CMS that works for your business to answer consumer needs quickly.
  • Content Integration

  • Content is king. Everyone keeps saying it and with good reason. You need constant content implemented on your site to retain relevance. We can help you with that.
  • Blog Development

  • Words. They help boost your presence, validate your specialty within your industry and let you talk about what you love. Modular Workshop can leverage and develop your blog content to create a strong web presence.
  • Brochures and Flyers

  • Sometimes, you can’t beat the old school. Modular Workshop can create traditional brochures and flyers from copy to design to printing.
  • Corporate ID

  • Let your consumers recognize what you do, but more importantly who you are. We can help with corporate identity to let you speak to your consumers clearly and efficiently about your brand.
  • Copy Editing

  • Meticulous attention to detail separates a forgettable brand from the irreplaceable experiences consumers come back for time and time again. Copy editing ensures all communications, whether it’s for internal or external purposes, are ready to send and hold up to scrutiny.
  • Infographics

  • Sometimes you have data, and you have to convey it. But you also want to make sure people absorb the information, not just blaze through it and not retain a thing. Infographics are a great way to implement data in a visually compelling way to give something simple a dynamic method of presentation.
  • Social Media Management

  • Many businesses and agencies need a dedicated person to manage social media. If you don’t have such capacity, let us take over and get your hashtags rolling regularly.
  • Signs

  • From digital displays to convention signage to in-store promotional materials, we can create signs to communicate what you offer across to your consumers.
  • Logos & Brand Strategy

  • Let’s get functional in our intent. What does your brand want to do and how does it benefit the consumer? With deliberate strategic decisions, we can help you create the aspects of your brand that seem intangible, but provide palpable outcomes.
  • Information Design

  • Most consumers don’t realize when they’re witnessing great information design. It’s because it makes interactions with a brand easy. They know what’s happening, what’s expected of them, and what comes next. Let us help you create seamless information design to give consumers easy-to-navigate experiences.
  • Video Production

  • From pre-production planning to filming to post-production, we can get a video made to accommodate any number of budgets, timing, and unique execution requirements. We can handle basic shoots for vlogs or organize a crew for a fully lit, RED camera operation.
  • Motion Graphics

  • Live action isn’t always the solution. Oftentimes motion graphics can save costs, or add visual aesthetics to your messaging and enhance the purpose of the video.
  • Editing

  • Everything comes together in the edit. Post-production services provide animation, color treatment, sound design, the smaller pieces that contribute quality to the greater vision of the video production. make sure it’s handled by experts who can craft a story.
  • Live Streaming

  • With live streaming taking over social, you need a partner who can seamlessly get your video content up and running immediately. If you need live streaming services, look no further to get your videos streaming on the web in real time.
  • Podcast Development

  • Podcasts feature some of the most loyal consumers, with endorsement and usage rates higher than most other platforms. Let us help you create a podcast, and record using the right equipment for crisp, clean audio.
  • Voice Over & Narration

  • If you need voice over for a screencast, or audio narration of a project, let Modular Workshop find the right voice, get it cleanly recorded and ready for you. We can accommodate budget, timing, and make sure it all comes together in the right tone for your product and brand.
  • Radio & Digital Audio Advertising

  • Have a radio buy or digital audio placement that needs a spot? Let us help you with voice over selection, recording coordination, music licensing, and final mixing with a studio to help you make your radio and digital audio spots.