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Modular provides digital content production at freelance costs for non-profit organizaitons including Economic Development Organizations. We provide video, audio, content, copy writing, technical, information design, crm implementation, cms integrate, website management and all things digital.
Adaptive Digital Content Production - Web Design, SEO, SEM, Digital Production, Digital Video Production, Podcast Production, Non-Profit Marketing, Non-profit Digital, Content Production, Display Media, Online Advertising, PR, Economic Development, EDO, NGO
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Modular is a small agency designed to provide an agile collection of digital marketing services and content production at low cost for non-profit organizations and small to medium businesses. Digital marketing is a complex combination of content production needs across various platforms. Our goal is to simplify production by offering the five building blocks of the Inernet (copy, video, audio, imagery, and design) and leverage them across any medium, whether online, print, or other.

We are all project managers and producers with content production capabilities. We can keep costs small by eliminating the need for heavy resources or bulky admin. We can concept, execute, and measure all of our efforts, and have the experience to design a process and workflow that provides agency quality on shorter timelines with significantly reduced budgets.


All projects start with an in-depth strategy where we define the message, tone, audience, and expected result and set our benchmarks to establish the project plan. We provide full documentation and requirements on project of any size and ensure that we understand what you are looking for and clearly establishing what we will provide.


Content production is the ‘meat’ of any online digital effort. There is no website or digital platform out there that is not a combination of five basic things; copy, imagery, video, audio, and design. We provide production for all five content types and then integrate them on any relevant platform.


Your marketing is not increasing in value or providing a return on ad spend unless it is actively being measured, analyzed, reviewed, and iterated on.

Digital Director

Brýon Taylor

Involved with technology and production of content for over almost 30 years. In the years leading up to the mainstream adoption of the Internet in 1992, I developed multi-node bulletin board systems and dial-in messaging communities. In ‘92 I began developing websites and applications.

Production Director

Tom Fowler

Tom began work in video production nearly a decade ago, working as a producer and director for nearly five years. After that, Fowler spent another 5 years as a Broadcast & Digital producer at a full-service ad agency, garnering award-winning work and coverage seen in The Egotist, AdWeek, Creativity Online, and AdAge. Now, as Production Director for Modular Workshop, Fowler brings his decade worth of knowledge to create content and solve issues with production, budgets and timing. He's made a career of creating stuff and there's no end in sight.